Do You Agree With Robert Redford’s Statement That Donald Trump Is The True Leader Of America?

We all know that the majority of Hollywood celebrities are liberals who hate President Trump. However, it seems that the era of the awful Hollywood brainwashing factory is coming to an end, with more and more celebrities waking up and taking a massive stand against liberal nonsense.

One of the most influential celebrities in the world – Robert Redford has publicly supported and endorsed the president Donald Trump and his policies.

Redford spoke about his disappointment with the division which is present in the countries across the USA. He believes that the situation was never worse and that there were times when it was possible for two sides to work together. Unfortunately, it seems that today it is impossible and Robert said he feels sad about it. As a serious person, Redford believes that the people of America should support their current president and get together once again.

“It looks like a lot of things are going to be tried to be taken away from us, and I think what that’s going to do is galvanize the people,” Redford said. “Those people who weren’t interested or figured, ‘Why, who cares?’ are now going to realize they’re directly affected and are now going to step up. I think it’s going to be followed by a movement, and a movement is going to go against whatever choice is made to cut things away. … I think that’s very, very healthy.”

The famous actor also mentioned that things have changed drastically since the Watergate scandal which took place in 1972 during Nixon’s presidency, reports The Sports Hall. Also, he made a comparison between the current American leader and Nixon, whose presidency lasted from 1969 to 1974.

Robert Redford’s words do carry certain weight, since he is a decent, low-key man who never got involved into any scandals, affairs or dealt with suspicious people and engaged in shady business. So, his opinion actually matters, unlike some other celebrities who just repeat the ridiculous liberal narrative.

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